IHSM: Institute of Health & Safety Management

IHSM, a name associated with Occupational safety measures. Our prominent solutions and services we offer will redeem your company from any liabilities and a financial penalty, thus authenticate your company to comply with all safety regulations. We also help to abide by the safety and health laws that will prevent any future damage to the employees. With reliable and sophisticated training, we have achieved sustainable customer satisfaction. We frequently provide updated and Quality resources for trainees and clients and support them with offline and online.

    • Commitment To Quality

      We work continuously with our team to ensure that the work is done up to the standards of the industry. We analyse the things by ourselves first, and then bring out the best procedure, and make learning simpler. With a clear focus on our customers’ needs, we continously strive to give our customers the best in class services.

    • Qualified Professionals

      We boast of a team who are highly experienced and skilled in consultancy and academics and possess a great record of practitioners in all sectors. With years of experience, and our commitment to give employees the risk free environment, we keep ourself on toes, and keep ourselves aware of the new methods and technologies.

    • Great Results

      We take responsibility for our policies, decisions and actions. We assure that our customers get the best possible training and results. We let them understand the process patiently about the subject matter and how the assessment works & take initiative in maintaining a healthy work-life balance for all employees with physical fitness, psychological wellbeing with cognizance supporting their work activity.

  • IHSM business associations

    IHSM, a name known for Occupational Health, Safety Training and placement provider, is in association with Professional Manpower Consultant ( AP Ref No: 190625). We offer a variety of measures for occupational safety & security to our clients. With our constant efforts, hard work, and dedication we have emerged as one of the most prominent service providers and have maintained an outstanding reputation.