• About IHSM

    At IHSM, safety is our foremost passion to make the workplace safer for each and every individual. We offer a full range of in-house, services to the industrial world. We provide all the crucial safety training and solutions to the organisation. Its because of our expert team that we are able to provide safety measures and training to every individual. As much as we cherish safety, it would be wrong if we not mention our people and team work that are our most valuable assets. 

    We continuously work and are committed towards the protection of people and environment around us. With the excellent, highly qualified and experienced faculty , the main objective of IHSM is to deliver precise training and result oriented individual skill enhancement in line with the modern industry requirements.

    We provide our customers with reliable and sophisticated trainings and have achieved sustainability in customer satisfaction. We frequently provide updated and Quality resources for trainees and clients and support them with offline and online.

    All said, whilst choosing IHSM, you will experience nothing but our enduring commitment to improving your safety knowledge. We strive to give customer’s the best in class services with our relentless devotion and hard work.

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