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    According to the latest report, more than 120 million workers become the victims of occupational accidents every year and out of these approximately 220,000 workers die and about 10 million gets seriously injured, thus handicapped.
    It is a disheartening fact that India is one of the country where safety is not given any importance. There are a lot of acts which have also been framed for the worker's welfare like Indian Factories Act 1948, International Labour Organization (ILO) and also an act 1974 under the Health and Safety at Work which emphasizes on the health and safety. Every industry has its own norms in safety and hence to protect the workers from occupational accidents and risks IHSM has taken some preventive steps.
    In our every action safety should be given importance. It starts with simple common sense to be alert always, adhere safety regulations and follow the individual roles and responsibilities.
    It is the moral responsibility of the employers to ensure that the employees working in his/her firm are given knowledge on the basic safety awareness or information about health and safety, safe working environment, emergency arrangements, and first aid etc.
    With 17 years of industry experience, our guidance and awareness for safety is an initiative towards the huge vision of creating safe India. Our main motto is to make enforce the employees to work for the betterment of the industry, without fearing about any risks or accidents.

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